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Reactive fluor dyes
Item No Product Name Product Description Product Description Inquiry
R-FR-001 sulfo-Cy5 bis-NHS ester Water soluble amine reactive Cyanine5 dye with two NHS ester groups. 查看詳細
R-FR-002 Cy3 NHS ester Amine-reactive Cyanine3 dye NHS ester. 查看詳細
R-FR-003 Cy3.5 NHS ester Cyanine3.5 dye NHS ester derivative. 查看詳細
R-FR-004 Cy5 NHS ester Amine-reactive Cyanine5 activated ester for the labeling of proteins, peptides, and other molecules. 查看詳細
R-FR-005 Cy5.5 NHS ester Cyanine5.5 NHS is far-red / near-infrared amine-reactive dye. 查看詳細
R-FR-006 Cy7 NHS ester Amine reactive NHS ester of near infrared dye Cyanine7. 查看詳細
R-FR-007 Cy7.5 NHS ester Amine reactive NHS ester of NIR fluorescent dye Cyanine7.5. 查看詳細
R-FR-008 Sulfo-Cy3 NHS ester Water soluble sulfo-Cyanine3 SE activated ester for amino-biomolecule labeling. 查看詳細
R-FR-010 Sulfo-Cy5.5 NHS ester Water soluble, sulfonated, far-red sulfo-Cyanine5.5 dye in the form of NHS ester. 查看詳細
R-FR-011 Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester Sulfo-Cyanine7 NHS ester is a water soluble, near infrared, amine-reactive dye. 查看詳細
R-FR-012 Cy3 azide Azide derivative of Cyanine3 fluorescent dye for Click Chemistry. 查看詳細
R-FR-013 Cy3.5 azide Cyanine3.5 azide for biomolecule labeling through Click Chemistry. 查看詳細
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